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“Superstates” now published by Polity Books

More information here.

Strategies for Governing receives ASPA SPAR book award

Strategies for Governing: Reinventing Public Administration for a Dangerous Century has received the 2021 book award from the Section on Public Administration Research of the American Society for Public Administration.  The Committee’s statement: “This book challenges researchers and practitioners in the field to contemplate how we can ‘recover the fundamentals of government,’ and addresses the urgent and fundamental issues we are facing today. The book takes a thoughtful interdisciplinary approach, drawing on public administration history and theory, administrative process development in political science, fragile states research in international relations, and institutional design, presenting an expansive view of the capacities and new directions for public administration as a field of research, teaching, and practice. The nomination letter by ASPA Past President Chester Newland notes this distinctive quality of the book and emphasizes that in light of the ‘currently urgent realities of the field, the analysis is certain to be a lasting contribution.'”  More comments and reviews on the book here.

Review of “Superstates” in International Review of Public Administration

Professor Jonathan Boston reviews Superstates in International Review of Public Administration: “Superstates is engaging, lucid, judicious, well documented, and highly accessible. For those interested in, or troubled by, the abiding dilemmas of contemporary government and governing, whether as researchers, students, and practitioners, Superstates will serve as an invaluable resource. Not only does it provide authoritative empirical analyses, but it also offers discerning ethical counsel and practical wisdom. While readers may not agree with all the author’s arguments, they are bound to find his discussion elegant, shrewd, provocative, and insightful.” Read the review.

Address to conference at Delhi School

I will give the valedictory address for the Conference on Public Policy Research organized by the Delhi School of Public Policy and Governance on March 15.

“Superstates” on reading lists

The American Association of Geographers has put Superstates on its quarterly list of recommended reading.

And also on the Spring reading list from Battleground.

Interview with Professor Colin Talbot about “Superstates”

I spoke with Professor Colin Talbot about my new book Superstates. Listen here.

Panel discussion on academic freedom and human rights

On March 21, I will participate in a presidential panel at the annual conference of the American Society for Public Administration: “Promoting Human Rights and Academic Freedom Internationally: What Should ASPA Do?” Details here. Powerpoint for our presentation here.

Panel discussion on adaptable government

On March 10, I will moderate a panel discussion on adaptability in government, featuring panelists Jennifer Ditchburn of the Institute for Research on Public Policy, Yamini Aiyar of the Centre for Policy Research, and Geoff Mulgan of University College London. It is part of the Canada School of Public Service’s Government of the Future series. More details here. Watch on YouTube here.

Presentation at Universitas Airlangga

I will give a presentation to the Public Administration Student Association at the Universitas Airlangga, East Java, on January 14. Powerpoint for the presentation is here.

UPES lecture on Superstates

I’m looking forward to participating in the UPES lecture series on December 22. More about UPES. Powerpoint for this presentation here.