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Posts from the ‘Superstates’ Category

“Superstates” profiled on Politics Today

Superstates: Empires of the Twenty-First Century is profiled by Politics Today. “With a groundbreaking twist in thinking about the art and methods of statecraft, Roberts considers the decisions leaders must make to devise and redevise strategies for governance at such a grand scale.” Read the review here.

Review of “Superstates” in London Review of Books

Tom Stevenson reviews Superstates in the May 4, 2023 issue of the London Review of Books. “Empires are supposed to be a thing of the past, yet in some ways the empires we knew are still with us.  The largest states in the world have the scale of empires but, Roberts suggests, they are a new breed . . . Roberts is sceptical that his four superstates will all exist in their present form in a hundred years’ time.” Read the review.

Review of “Superstates” in International Review of Public Administration

Professor Jonathan Boston reviews Superstates in International Review of Public Administration: “Superstates is engaging, lucid, judicious, well documented, and highly accessible. For those interested in, or troubled by, the abiding dilemmas of contemporary government and governing, whether as researchers, students, and practitioners, Superstates will serve as an invaluable resource. Not only does it provide authoritative empirical analyses, but it also offers discerning ethical counsel and practical wisdom. While readers may not agree with all the author’s arguments, they are bound to find his discussion elegant, shrewd, provocative, and insightful.” Read the review.

“Superstates” on reading lists

The American Association of Geographers has put Superstates on its quarterly list of recommended reading.

And also on the Spring reading list from Battleground.

Interview with Professor Colin Talbot about “Superstates”

I spoke with Professor Colin Talbot about my new book Superstates. Listen here.

UPES lecture on Superstates

I’m looking forward to participating in the UPES lecture series on December 22. More about UPES. Powerpoint for this presentation here.

Lecture at University of Bonn

I will give a lecture at the University of Bonn on December 13, as part of an interdisciplinary lecture series on “The Modern State” organized by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. Details here. Powerpoint for this presentation here. Watch the presentation here.

Discussing “Superstates” on EU Confidential

I spoke with Politico’s Sarah Wheaton about my book Superstates on the EU Confidential podcast for November 24. Listen to the podcast here.

Talk at UMass Law

I’m looking forward to talking at UMass Law on November 9, on recent trends in American politics. PPT for this talk here.

Lecture at Bridgewater State University

I’ll talk about my book Superstates at Bridgewater State University’s Democratic Governance and Leadership Program on November 10. PPT for talk here.