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Comment on government secrecy

The Canadian Institute for Information and Privacy Studies has reposted my column, “A complex battle over openness.” Access here.

Joint runner-up, Riccucci-O’Leary Award

My article “Bearing the White Man’s Burden: American Empire and the Origin of Public Administration” has been selected as joint runner-up for the 2021 Riccucci-O’Leary Award. The award is given annually for the best article on diversity, broadly defined, published in JPART or PPMG. Details here.

Interview on Wilson Center NOW

I joined Wilson Center NOW to discuss my Wilson Quarterly article, “The Hundred Day Mistake.”  Watch the interview here.

Article in Wilson Quarterly: The Hundred Day Mistake

I’ve just published an article in Wilson Quarterly, “The Hundred Day Mistake.”  Read it here.  Lede: “Is an FDR-style legislative blitz the best way forward in our present crisis?”  The article is also referenced in the New York TimesPrevious articles in Wilson Quarterly include “The WikiLeaks Illusion” (2010) and “The Nation-State: Not Dead Yet” (2015).

Comment in Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration

I’ve written a short comment for Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration, “How to bridge East and West.”  Manuscript here.  Abstract: Today, the field of public administration has two problems that can be fixed with one solution. The first problem is fixation on a limited set of “middle-level” topics in public administration. The second problem is a bias toward scholarship generated within a very small number of Western democracies. We can fix both problems by adopting an approach to scholarship that focuses on the macro-level of public administration — that is, on questions of grand strategy and statebuilding.

Comment on Trump and administrative reform

A short paper that I’ve co-written with Don Moynihan is now forthcoming in Public Administration Review: “Dysfunction by design: Trumpism as administrative doctrine.”  Read the MS hereRead on the PAR website.

Article in Current History

My article, “The pandemic exposes an ailing US governance model,” is published in the November 2020 issue of Current History. Download the article here.

New article: Grand politics and public administration

My article “A neglected subject: Grand politics and public administration” has just been published by the International Journal of Policy Studies.  Download here.

New article: realism in public administration

My article “’Whatever It Takes’: Danger, Necessity, and Realism in American Public Policy,” is now published in Administration and Society.  Access here.

New article: Who should we count as citizens?

My article “Who should we count as citizens? Categorizing people in public administration research” is now forthcoming in Public Administration Review.  There is a two-minute explainer video on YouTube.