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New Left Review discusses “End of Protest”

nlr100coverIn the current issue of New Left Review, Malcolm Bull discusses my 2013 book, The End of Protest.  Go to the article.  Bull writes: “There have been  places, notably neo-liberal core countries like the USA and UK, where political protests have been small, sporadic and ineffectual. . . . In The End of Protest, Alasdair Roberts attributes this change to the growing intolerance of public unrest in market societies, and the effectiveness of policies of repression (legal changes with strengthened police forces to enforce them) and containment (the manipulation of urban space, enhanced surveillance and kettling), combined with economic appeasement (fiscal stimulus and quantitative easing) carried out by technocrats at central banks rather than the government itself. The result has been the atrophy of traditional forms of mass organization and the failure of new forms of networked protest to take their place.”  The End of Protest will be available in paperback from Cornell University Press in November.

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