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Keynote talk at Northeast Conference of Public Administration

I’m looking forward to giving a keynote talk at the 2018 Northeast Conference on Public Administration in Baltimore on November 3. More info here.  The theme for the conference is “Blind spots in public administration.”

The title for my talk: The Biggest Blind Spot of All.  Abstract: “In the United States, the field of public administration began with a bold vision.  The aim was not just to make programs and bureaus work more efficiently.  Rather, the goals were to overhaul the creaking American state and demonstrate to the world that liberal democracy was a viable system of government.  This bold vision has been lost over the last four decades and should be recovered.  Once again, the American state needs renovation – and the world needs proof that democracy works.  We must develop the conceptual tools and confidence to address these ‘macro-level’ questions of public administration.”  Powerpoint here.


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