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Posts from the ‘The Logic of Discipline’ Category

New Left Project discusses “Logic of Discipline”

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 11.24.05 AMToday’s lead article on the New Left Project website, by Tom Mills, discusses The Logic of Discipline and the “dynamics of neoliberal governance.”

Foreign Affairs publishes article on role of Federal Reserve

FirefoxScreenSnapz001Foreign Affairs has just published my article, Who should run the Fed?  “The fight over who will succeed Ben Bernanke as chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve rolls on, getting bigger and more tangled as it goes. It is easy to get caught up in the debate about the merits of different candidates, but doing so misses a larger point. The real story here is the intensity of the fight itself, which is evidence of a shift of power toward central bankers that began under U.S. President Ronald Reagan and has been aggravated since the financial crisis of 2008.”

Prospect publishes column on power of technocracy

ProspectMay2013Prospect Magazine has just posted my commentary Triumph of the Technocrats on its website.  I published a related piece, The rise and fall of the guardians, on ForeignAffairs’ website in 2011.

Book chapter published in Handbook de Administração Pública

Handbook_de_Admi_51765142c3672My chapter “The rise and fall of discipline: Economic globalization, administrative reform, and the financial crisis” has just been published in Handbook de administração pública (Lisbon: INA Press), edited by César Madureira and Maria Asensio.  More details about the book.

Political Studies Review publishes review of Logic of Discipline

coverMichael Keaney of the Metropolia Business School, Finland reviews The Logic of Discipline in the current issue of Political Studies Review.

Logic of Discipline reviewed in Public Administration

coverThe current issue of Public Administration (December 2012) provides a review of The Logic of Discipline:  “A tour de force which deserves to be read and debated.  It has a grand synthetic sweep which is rare enough in scholarship these days, and it makes an important, imaginative contribution to our efforts to understand the forces shaping public policy in the last three decades.”  The review is written by Professor Michael Power of the London School of Economics.

Logic of Discipline discussed in La Hora oped

ImageThe Logic of Discipline: Global Capitalism and the Architecture of Government is discussed in an oped in Guatemala’s La Hora by Jorge Mario Rodriguez Martinez.  Read the oped.

Journal of European Integration reviews Logic of Discipline

The current issue of Journal of European Integration has a review of Logic of Discipline.  “An excellent introduction to the issue of the attempt to remove policy from politics.  The implications of the analysis for Europe are sobering, as they suggest that its continued belief in strengthening euro area economic governance with stronger rules is wishful thinking.”  Access the review (behind paywall).

Canadian Public Administration reviews Logic of Discipline

The journal Canadian Public Administration has a review of Logic of Discipline by Professor Jeffrey Roy in its June 2012 issue.  “An insightful and timely examination of the the global political economy and its increasingly unstable institutional architecture.”  Access the review.

International Affairs reviews Logic of Discipline

The journal International Affairs has published a review of The Logic of Discipline.  The book “comes to us in the long tradition of Polanyian political economy, analysing the embeddedness of markets in their social and political context.”  Access the review.